Saturday, February 9, 2019

With Winter's First Frost (Every Amish Season #4) by Kelly Irvin

About the book:
From bestselling author Kelly Irvin comes the fourth and final book in the compelling Every Amish Season series.
Will the long, cold winter prove to be Laura and Zechariah's season of renewed purpose and love sweetened with age?

Laura Kauffman has been a widow for eight years--since her husband of forty-five years passed away in his sleep on Christmas Eve. She tries to keep herself busy with her nine children, fifty-two grandchildren, and twenty-eight great-grandchildren. But she can't stop wondering: What does God expect her to do with her days now? Has her usefulness been expended? Why leave her to carry on alone? Those are questions she can't answer until a friend suffers complications during childbirth and needs someone to help care for her newborn twins and three older children. The twins' great-grandfather, Zechariah Stutzman, a widower himself, seems to need some upkeep as well. Suddenly, Laura has her hands full, and the long winter days don't seem so long.

Zechariah suffers from Parkinson's disease. When his wife died of breast cancer two years earlier, his children insisted he live with one of his grandsons and their growing family because of his disease's progression. He's not allowed to drive, chop wood, or build fires. He feels he has outlived his usefulness. Then Laura comes along and seems determined to change that.

Both Laura and Zechariah must seek God's will to find the purpose for this season in their lives. They have to be willing to trust and to accept that second chances for romantic love are possible--even probable--when they give control of their lives to God.

My thoughts:

As sad as I am to see this series come to an end, I believe the author ended it on a high and positive note.  I've been a fan of, An Every Amish Season since the beginning and have come to love the characters and their stories. 

I was drawn into the lives of Laura Kaufman and Zechariah Stutzman the two main characters in this book.  An elderly man and woman who have suffered the loss of loved ones through the years. Laura and Zechariah are now experiencing what many in their age group experience such as forgetfulness, chronic illness, and probably the most devastating of all their loss of independence.   There story is poignant and so real as I thought about the older people in my life.

Ms. Irvin has written this entire series quite beautifully and taken her readers into the lives of her characters along the way.   As I have finished each of the four books I have felt like I have made new friends and am certain that I will miss them.   Having been a fan of the author for a few years, I know that she will be creating more great books with more fantastic characters for me to love.

This book could be read as a standalone but in my opinion the series should be read in order and hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I have.

I received this book from the publisher through BookLook Bloggers.  I was not required to write a review.  All opinions are my own.

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